Japan Shizuoka Kirapika Ichigo Strawberry (2 x 280g/ Punnet)


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It looks good, the fruit skin is glossy, and the aspect ratio is horizontally long. The fruity aroma has abundance that is not limited to simple strawberry flavors. Let's introduce in detail.

The sugar content is about 10 degrees, which is sweeter than red cheeks, and the sourness is lower than red cheeks. In other words, the sugar acid ratio is higher and it is sweeter! It's a strawberry that feels like. However, this sugar acid ratio is a songwriter, and it is not the case that sweet people always feel delicious. Sometimes sourness is the depth of the taste, so it is recommended to try it and find out what you like.
The aspect ratio is a horizontally long cone between the red cheeks and Akihime. The red skin, which is slightly lighter than the red cheeks, is hard and has a strong luster, which is also a characteristic of Kirapika. It looks like a jewel.
Even if the fruit is enlarged, there are almost no cavities inside, and you can enjoy a juicy and smooth taste.