Japan Tokushima Bizan Beni-Hoppe Ichigo Strawberry Gift Box (700g)


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When you open the lid, the mellow scent of strawberries wafts in . It's
not overflowing juicy, but has a moist, dense, and detailed texture, as if the flesh is tightly embracing the juice.
Delicious Benihoppe" Please try it once♪

■Benihoppe from Bizan, where you can feel the passion and efforts of the farmers, is a masterpiece!
Even if the variety name is the same, if the production area is different, please consider it as a completely different product!
One bite and you'll know the value! Bizan red cheeks!
Please try it once♪

■A fruit that everyone will love♪
Just looking at the bright red strawberries that sparkle and shine will make you smile♪
The large red cheeks from Bizan, Tokushima, a special production area, are perfect for the upcoming party season and year-end gifts for your loved ones. Great for gifts such as New Year's greetings!

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