Japan Wakayama Arida Seedless House Mikan Gift Box (1.2kg)


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Delicious even in summer! Authentic Arida's delicious greenhouse oranges

JA Arida from Wakayama Prefecture Co-selected house oranges

Wakayama Prefecture Authentic House Mikan!
In the Arida region, not only open-field oranges but also house oranges are cultivated. Greenhouse-grown mandarin oranges are characterized by their stable quality and strong sweetness. The balance of sweetness and acidity makes it a juicy and delicious mandarin orange. It is also attractive that the skin is very thin and easy to understand, and it has a pleasant mouthfeel.

In Arida, Japan's number one mandarin orange producing area, which ships 120,000 tons of mandarin oranges at peak times, greenhouse-grown mandarin oranges grown by hand salting are of high quality and are ideal for gifts. Please use the rare domestic oranges that you can enjoy in the summer as a summer gift.