Japan Yamagata Hiratanenashi Zao Dried Persimmon Giftbox (1kg)


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It is a traditional Yamagata
dried persimmon made by slowly drying it naturally using Hiratanenashi persimmon.

The sweetness increases by
exposing it to the cold wind [Grated Zao] blown from Mt. Zao and removing the astringency

By drying the astringent persimmon, it becomes surprisingly sweet
and turns into the finest dried persimmon.

The deliciousness of 300 years of history The hanging persimmons that bring out the sweetness of the
cold wind blown down from Zao are truly the finest sweets made by nature ! The work of dried persimmons is almost the same as before, and it is made almost by hand . White powder secret is an old-fashioned dry naturally dried persimmon sugar in the fruit, to the outside and then crystallized out. This is the reason for the white powder!

Dried persimmons are said to
be of the highest quality when white powder is blown on them and the outside is hard and the inside is soft