Japan Yamanashi Kelsey Plums (500g Punnet)


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The green color of Yamanashi Kelsey changes to a delicious color day by day.

It's ready to eat when the whole fruit turns yellow ♪

At that time, the flesh inside will be beautifully dyed, and the rounded shape will make it look
like a "golden egg."

It's so delicious that you can't believe it's ancient plums!

I wonder if it has a strong sour taste that is common in old plums? If you thought that, you would be wrong,

the balance of sweetness and sourness is outstanding! It's a golden balance that beats modern breeds!

The ripened flesh is dense and has a puyo puyo texture♪ It has a lightly sour, sweet, and smooth taste♪


Surprisingly delicious ♪ It's a sweet plum with little sourness (on the skin). It is yellowish green even when ripe. Therefore, it is also called "green plum".

The cute appearance of the heart shape is charming. The flesh is orange in color, has a slightly sour taste that does not suit its appearance, and is filled with sweet juice. It's ready to eat when it turns yellowish green. Please note that there is no sweetness when it is green. The feature is that there is a hollow inside .


Plum plums are basically ripe.

■Plums should be eaten after ripening. Please keep it at room temperature for 1-2 days.

If you like firm flesh, go early. If you like soft flesh, wait until the last minute before eating.

◆Pre-ripening◆ plums are firm to the touch. The flesh is hard and sweet and sour, and it tastes exactly like a plum.

◆After ripening◆ , the flesh becomes soft. The acidity is removed and the sweetness becomes stronger, giving it a rich flavor.

Place in the refrigerator for a few hours before eating to cool. After ripening plums do not keep for a long time, so please enjoy them as soon as possible.