Japan Yamanashi Queen Nina Seedless Grapes (450-500g)

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Queen Nina is a non-slip skin wine grape variety that gives off intense wine fragrance despite having red skin unlike commonly known Kyoho or Pione Grapes.

Its sweetness is said to reach as high as 21% brix, a peak sweetness standard for grape varieties. With a thin skin that is not the least tart and can be eaten directly, its low acidity makes it one of the sweetest wine grapes with flavourful wine scent that can be tasted in abundance with every huge-sized fruit.

Queen Nina is a cross between Akitsu-20 and Aki Queen where Akitsu-20 itself is a cross between Benizuiho and Hakuho.

The Queen Nina grape is a very large grape with berries between 15 and 20 grams. While the skin is easily breakable and firm, the flesh is juicy with a foxy mild flavour.