[PREMIUM] Japan Saga Setoka Seedless Mandarin Oranges Gift Box (Jumbo, 8-10pc, 3kg)


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A masterpiece of modern citrus from "JA Karatsu", which is a large production area of ​​greenhouse mandarin orange cultivation. We will deliver the house "Setoka".

"Setoka" was born from the crossing of "Kiyomi x Encore" and "Marcott", and has the ultimate DNA that inherits the strengths of the three.

One ball is very heavy, and when the thin skin is peeled off, the pulp filled with plenty of juice appears. The thin bag is filled with dense pulp. It is springy and overflows with rich juice with freshness and sweetness.

You can eat it as it is, just like wase mikan, but it is also recommended to cut it with a kitchen knife and enjoy it. Please fully enjoy the deliciousness that fills your mouth with a very filling, intensely sweet juice, and a refreshing aroma.

Japanese Setoka Mandarin Orange Gift Box — MomoBud

『せとか』佐賀県産 JAからつ 約2.5kg(12〜18玉)化粧箱 ※常温|豊洲市場ドットコム

訳あり『せとか』ハウス栽培 佐賀県産 JAからつ スレ傷あり・サイズ不揃い 風袋込 約2.5kg 簡易梱包 ※常温|豊洲市場ドットコムせとか』佐賀県産 JAからつ 約2.5kg化粧箱 ×2箱 (1箱:12〜18玉入) ※常温|豊洲市場ドットコムJapanese Setoka Mandarin Orange Gift Box — MomoBud888 EXCLUSIVE* Premium Jumbo Saikai Setoka (7-8pc Gift Box) | 888SEASONS