Mima Tokushima Shine Muscat Giftbox (1kg)


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Japanese muscat grapes are medium to large in size and oval to oblong in shape, growing in medium-sized clusters. The smooth, glossy skin can range in colour from bright green to shades of red and is firm to the touch.

The flesh is generally translucent and seedless, though some grapes may contain small undeveloped seeds that are undetectable when consumed. Japanese muscat grapes are crunchy and are known for their sweet taste. They grow on thick vines with large leaves that are a vibrant green.

Shine Muscat is a popular choice among all sweets addicts, as it carries a crunchy bite at the surface to grape candy-flavoured sweetness with refreshing grape juice within. Definitely, something that cannot be forgotten easily after the first bite of it.

Now comes in a gift box presentable as a premium gift.