Japan Miyazaki Kinkan Kumquat (250g/ Punnet)


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Miyazaki ripe kumquat's characteristic is its soft and thin skin, high sugar sugar content, and enjoyed as a whole without peeling off the skin.

Kumquat’s unique bitterness is down to the minimum, rather filling the mouth with a refreshing sour taste and sweetness. It is one of the main fruits representing the “Miyazaki Brand”.

Kumquats that are at least 16% BRIX in sugar content and at least 2.8cm in diameter are called “Tamatama”, and kumquats that are at least 18 in sugar content and 3.2cm in diameter are called “Tamatama Excellent”.

It is like the petite version of mandarin orange and is best identified by its bright & shiny orange peel.

Crunchy and firm to the bite, its aromatic flavour when fully ripe