New Zealand, Zespri Red Kiwi (4-6pc)


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Zespri Red Kiwifruit

Its vibrant red flesh and tempting berry flavours were loved by all who tried it last season. The distinctive crimson colour stems from anthocyanin, naturally occurring pigments within the fruit, that are linked to cardiovascular and cognitive health. That’s 100% natural goodness packed in one little fruit.

The exclusive Zespri Red Kiwifruit is the latest variant to come through Zespri’s world-leading kiwifruit breeding programme, in partnership with Plant & Food Research. It’s been through an extensive trial process, ensuring each fruit is of the highest quality, and it is delicious in every bite. Brought from the orchards in New Zealand, to your fruit bowl.

Zespri Red Kiwifruit is now available at major retailers in Singapore, for only a limited time.

Hurry, get yours before they are all gone!