Ngoh Rambutans 1kg


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How to Eat: 

Never cut the fruit in half right through the seed. Make a cut with a sharp paring knife and remove part of the skin leaving the rest as a decorative holder, especially when presenting rambutans as part of a fruit platter.

Alternatively, squeeze the rambutan till the skin breaks, then peel half the skin off, leaving the other half to hold in your hand like a wrapper.

Inside is a narrow seed covered with semitransparent flesh, which is crisp and mainly sweet. If using a knife to make an incision into the skin, beware not to cut through the seed.

When starting to eat the translucent flesh, eat around the seed and avoid biting too deeply – you want to avoid the tough, papery skin surrounding the seed.

Eating the seed or the rind is not advisable as they contain toxic saponins and tannins and are therefore bitter and narcotic. If the flesh sticks to the seed and is difficult to separate, the rambutan is probably overripe.