Japanese Premium Okayama 晴王 Shine Muscat (Punnet/ GiftBox)

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Grapes produced in Okayama have impressed many people with the various qualities they have to offer. For example, some have rich aroma of musk, others are easy to eat because you can just pop it in your mouth without peeling it, and some are large and filled with juice…each variety has its own appealing feature.

Grapes made in Okayama offers you the best quality because they are produced with special care. The superb quality comes from the long history and pride of the producers in Okayama. See for yourself by tasting some grapes from OKAYAMA.

They are a high class variety that used to be cultivated in a glass greenhouse. It has graceful fragrance and rich sweetness.Not only are they enjoyed fresh, but they are also enjoyed as wine and pastries.