New Zealand Papple (Pear + Apple Hybrid) 5pc


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The Papple is actually a hybrid of European and Asian pears. The fruit is round with a red-orange blush over a yellow background.

It is crunchy and juicy, like an Asian pear, but has the more robust flavour of a European pear.

Papple pears are small to medium in size and are round to conical in shape, similar in appearance to an apple with a short, brown stem.

The smooth green skin transforms to a mottled, almost iridescent, orange-red when ripe and is covered in many prominent lenticels and yellow patches. The flesh is cream-coloured to ivory, firm, crisp, moist, and dense, encasing a very small central core with tiny black-brown seeds.

When ripe, Papple pears are crunchy, juicy, and sweet with a floral aroma.