Premium Yubari King Red Melon (Hokkaido)


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Just like Kobe beef or champagne, the fruit can only be produced in a certain region in order to be named thus - Yubari. A pair of the premium cantaloupes has recently sold at auction for an astounding ¥3 million (£21,500).

The reason Yubari King melons are so expensive is reportedly their sweetness. 

Yubari King are expensive Japanese melons grown in Yubari on Hokkaido. They are highly prized for their renowned sweetness. The top grade of these melons are perfectly round with a perfectly smooth skin. 

Their flesh is orange on the inside, and it is regularly graded. It is recommended to consume them within 2 to 3 days of harvesting, which is done by hand with scissors. The melons are traditionally grown in volcanic ash soil in greenhouses, and the planting is done in February.