*RARE* Japan Shizuoka Tsuki Usagi Yellow Tomato Gift Box (1kg)


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It is a very rare yellow sweet pure "Tsukiroman" in the center of JA Enshu.

"Tsukiroman" is a yellow sweet pure grown only by Mr. Ohashi, a sweet pure producer.
Based on the same standards as Sweet Pure, we ship with a sugar content of 8 degrees or more from winter to spring, and a sugar content of 7 degrees or more from summer to autumn when the water absorption rate is high.
* The sugar content of each sample is not guaranteed by checking the sugar content of the sample and checking the sugar content with the eyes of the producer backed by many years of experience.

Like Sweet Pure, "Tsukiroman" is a fruit tomato that is thick, has few jelly-like parts, and has a strong sweetness.
Fruit tomatoes are not varieties but tomatoes with reduced water content and increased sugar content, so it is easy to get individuality depending on the production area and cultivation method, so if you like red sweet pure in the center of Enshu, please try it as a new tomato. It is a dish.