Santa Claus Melon (Piel De Sapo)

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The Santa Claus melon, sometimes known as Christmas melon or Piel De Sapo, is a variety of melon originating in Spain that grows to about a foot in length and is ovoid in shape.

The Piel de Sapo is different in appearance both internally and externally to a rockmelon. They are green on the outside with creamy yellow flesh, similar to a honeydew but generally sweeter in taste. When you cut a piel de sapo, don't cut too closely to the rind as that's where the melon isn't as sweet.


Health Benefits:

It is very rich in potassium which is good for your heart. Its main quality is the high concentration of vitamins A and C: just 200 grams of melon, in fact, contain 60 mg of vitamin C which is good to strengthen the immune system and protect the skin.


How to tell when Ripe:

A Santa Claus melon or piel de sapo is ripe when it is a deep yellow shade, rather than mostly green. In addition, you will notice that the blossom ends will become a little bit soft, yielding to pressure. Don't expect to find the usual melon aroma as a sign of ripeness. The skin is too thick for this.