Shanghai Fengxian Yellow Peach (3pc)


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Fengxian yellow peach fruit is huge, colour is golden, attractive and attractive; fruit shape is round, fruit top is flat, meat is soft, sweet and sour, and rich in flavour, fresh flavour is excellent, it is wonderful in peach, fruit in Treasures. The main performance is "sweet, large, round, yellow, fragrant", and is suitable for processing cans.

Yellow peaches in Fengxian are famed for being succulent and sweet. The fruit is nutritious with rich antioxidants, dietary fiber, and trace elements such as calcium. They are made into a variety of foods and beverages like cakes, egg tarts, beer and juice in the town.

Yellow peaches are the quintessential peach. They are distinguished by their fuzzy thin skin with hues of red, pink and gold blushing throughout. The flesh is aromatic, juicy when ripe, and golden coloured with red bleeds at the skin and surrounding the central rough surfaced rust coloured pit.