Tainan Madou Pomelo (Mini, 2pc)


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Wendan is a type of pomelo originated from Taiwan.

Wendan comes in varieties with red pulp or lime white pulp, depending on where they are grown. Whatever their origin, they are collectively known as “wendan pomelo.”

We should put aside the idea that “bigger is better” when buying wendan pomelos, which are only available in the season around Mid-Autumn Festival.

The following are some tips on how to pick the perfect pomelo:

  • Bigger bottom, smaller in size 
  • Weight and wrinkled 

Ripe wendan pomelos' peel is light green, and once it turns pale yellow, they are ripe enough to be consumed. Be sure to pick pomelos with triangular shape, as this is an indicator of juiciness. 


How to tell if Ripe:

Green = Unripe
Yellow = Ripe

Next, look out for bumps on the peel: if the peel is smooth and shiny, the fruit is not yet ripe, and it is best to wait before eating it.

If the peel is wrinkled and is not very smooth, you know it is ready to eat.