Thai Fresh Young Coconut (2pc)


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The Young coconut is harvested directly from the tree before it has time to age and drop like the more mature white and brown husked coconuts. Inside is a refreshing juice and a soft jelly-like meat. This white coconut meat offers a sweet flavour that is soft enough to be eaten with a spoon.

The juice tastes delicious, slightly milky but not as creamy, slightly sweet and salty. The milky taste is little bit like young fresh mozzarella. You can imagine the milky taste is developing but it isn't milky yet. The young coconut has very soft, delicate flesh which has a soft set jelly texture.


How to Open and Enjoy:

  • Step 1: Trim Top of Coconut. Trim away the top exterior flesh of the coconut with a cleaver. 

  • Step 2: Tap With Cleaver and Open. Gently tap the surface of the coconut with the cleaver making a circle around the trimmed portion.

  • Step 3: Insert Straw / Pour it into a cup & enjoy!