Thai Pre-Cut Fresh Coconut (2 Husks, Free Spoon & Straw)


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100% Pure NAM HOM Coconut Water tastes as fresh as you just crack it out from the coconuts.

Best aroma, naturally sweet, ALL COCO NAM HOM has got its unique taste from one of the world's best breed grown and nurtured on one of the world's best plantation on Thailand's river delta.

Enjoy 100% Pure NAM HOM Coconut Water in it's original form so its goodness and taste are true to its nature.

P.S. Aromatic coconuts are know in Thailand as "Namhom", a word meaning fragrant liquid. The same word is used to describe perfumes. In the case of coconuts, it describes their characteristic fragrance and freshness. They grow naturally, without pesticides or synthetic fertilisers.

The best way to open and drink fresh coconut juice when equipped with nothing but spoon and straw (FREE)!