USA Del Monte Pink Glow Pineapple Gift Box (Large)


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The Pinkglow™ Pink Pineapple will enhance your dishes and impress your Instagram followers with its radiant beauty and splendor. Experience a taste of a remote paradise with this pink-hued majestic wonder.

Pinkglow™ has a delicious and unique taste, with notes of candy pineapple aromatics.

Fun fact: It is also less sour than a traditional pineapple, juicier and sweeter in taste! Pinkglow™ pink pineapples grow on a select farm in the South-Central region of Costa Rica, which has the ideal soil and climate for growing pineapples.

Fresh Del Monte has been developing and testing the Pinkglow™ pink pineapple for over 16+ years to ensure the perfect taste and aromas, creating a blend that’s just right.

What sustainability measures is Fresh Del Monte taking?
Fresh Del Monte Produce is currently planting Pinkglow™ pink pineapple crowns in an effort to increase the volume of Pinkglow™ pineapple crops and reduce waste.